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5 Dating Slangs You Should Know

If your parents haven’t reminded you this again today, then let me -- times have changed. Gone are the days of “dear” and in are the days of “basic bitch” and “bae”. Doom is upon us? I’d pretty much say so. But I’d also say lets keep an open mind and...

March 20, 2017

6 New Dating Apps To Try In 2017

Your girl is back with best dating apps to hack in 2017! Check em' out. Happn “Find the people you’ve crossed paths with.” Yes! Finally a new dating app that makes me believe in fairytales (virtually) and courting people (virtually). Goodbye pointless Tinder bangs and hello stranger who has crossed...

February 01, 2017

Men, You Have Been Warned

It is known that Trish Stratus was the best WWE Women's heavy weight champion ever (yes, she was) and now it is also known that online dating is rising as fast as my excitement while watching Game Of Thrones. Therefore, it is only fair that I do my bit and warn all...

April 10, 2016

Dating Divas | Poise & Panache

Welcome to this new awesome section on the blog where you meet gorgeous ladies out and about in the wild (the dating wilderness that is). Here's Tanvi or shall we say Miss Poise & Panache on her dating adventures! Do you have a type?  Yes! Every girl has a type. I...

February 09, 2016

Dating App Review: TextDater

  You guys know that I get around. Around the dating app world that is. So when founder of a new dating app from my favourite city in the world messaged me for a review, I just couldn't say no! I have personally tried all them apps. Tinder (the bad...

January 25, 2016

5 Types Of Guys You Meet On Tinder: Mumbai Edition

Don’t worry, as your go-to single girl in the city, I have got all the respectable dating apps covered. My phone be buzzing with notifications from Tinder, OKCupid, Woo, etc. Plus, once I cross twenty-five, I am pretty sure the parents will also sign me up for So lets...

January 02, 2016