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5 Dating Slangs You Should Know

If your parents haven’t reminded you this again today, then let me -- times have changed. Gone are the days of “dear” and in are the days of “basic bitch” and “bae”. Doom is upon us? I’d pretty much say so. But I’d also say lets keep an open mind and...

March 20, 2017

Getting In The Backdoor: Women & Anal Sex

  It’s not easy to find an open-minded woman who will open up her heart and butt-hole to you. But with every fantasy comes a lady who might be fierce enough to fulfil it. With patience, excessive begging through material incentives or even open communication, you can make anal sex...

February 06, 2017

How To Survive Your Period Like A Boss

If you have the pleasure to know me on my period then I feel sorry for you. I am not saying that I am unpleasant to have around but I am. It’s the hormones, the fact that my skin is my new nemesis and the tragedy of having gained water...

February 05, 2016

Love Yourself Sunday: Lingerie Haul

I never understood the point of investing in sexy lingerie (mostly because I hate bras). But then I had this one friend who has been single by choice for eternity and she is always dragging me around lingerie shops in London waiting for us to turn into Victoria Secret's angels. So, that...

January 31, 2016