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Dating As A Millennial: Fantasy Vs. Reality

Getting Matched When you scroll through your latest Iphone X, apart from the hundreds of notifications of new Instagram followers, you also have about fifty new Tinder matches. They are all bibliophiles who love dogs and would do anything to make you vegan breakfast in bed. Their messages to you...

November 07, 2017

Why Are Women Unhappy?

It would surprise my selfie-loving peers that on a breath-taking Spanish holiday, with plenty photo opportunity on a remote beach in Menorca, the frame of my mind is the thought of unhappiness. Don’t get me wrong. It’s hard to be unhappy with the Spanish summer shining down upon you, with...

May 05, 2016

Self Love Sunday: Love Without The Chub

Like we didn’t have enough womanly problems to worry about and now behold the “love chub”. Yes, apparently love makes you fat. But what did we expect with all that Netflix and chill that involves eating pizza before we eat each other out? Infact the more serious you are about...

February 28, 2016

Why do I like bad boys?

Before I fell in love with my delicious boyfriend who treats me like the midnight piece of chocolate he has been craving, I was your regular side chick with an attraction towards deprivation. Yes, it’s a whole real psychological shindig, people. There is some meaning behind why you and I like...

February 25, 2016

What Blood Type Should You Date?

In a creepy yet apparently effective way, Japanese magazines have been preaching finding the love of your life via blood group matching. And I thought I was a weirdo with my star signs. No kidding, in Tokyo apparently on speed dating sessions it is totally normal to often pair up...

February 12, 2016

Dating Divas | Poise & Panache

Welcome to this new awesome section on the blog where you meet gorgeous ladies out and about in the wild (the dating wilderness that is). Here's Tanvi or shall we say Miss Poise & Panache on her dating adventures! Do you have a type?  Yes! Every girl has a type. I...

February 09, 2016

Monthly Giveaway

Comment below & tell me about your favourite date accessory to win this koovs bag worth Rs. 1695! ?     Giveaway open till 29th February!

February 06, 2016

How To Survive Your Period Like A Boss

If you have the pleasure to know me on my period then I feel sorry for you. I am not saying that I am unpleasant to have around but I am. It’s the hormones, the fact that my skin is my new nemesis and the tragedy of having gained water...

February 05, 2016

Love Yourself Sunday: Lingerie Haul

I never understood the point of investing in sexy lingerie (mostly because I hate bras). But then I had this one friend who has been single by choice for eternity and she is always dragging me around lingerie shops in London waiting for us to turn into Victoria Secret's angels. So, that...

January 31, 2016

Dating App Review: TextDater

  You guys know that I get around. Around the dating app world that is. So when founder of a new dating app from my favourite city in the world messaged me for a review, I just couldn't say no! I have personally tried all them apps. Tinder (the bad...

January 25, 2016