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Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Bae


With the most dreaded/awaited romantic holiday of the year just around the corner, it is my responsibility as your assumed go to romantic guru to enlighten you with tried and tested valentine’s day gift ideas for your significant him or her. So here we go...

Gift Ideas For Him

Unfortunately, valentine’s day and the companies who made it up do not place a high emphasis on pleasing men in love. And that my friend, is wrong on many levels. We need to treat the men who respect, cherish and adore us as we ourselves want to be treated on this “special” day. However, with little emphasis on this gender and a lot of ignorance around spending money on men, I have still broken down the gift ideas for you to prioritize as per your man’s preferences.
  • Hobby Based

    : Every man has a secret or not-so-secret hobby. He might like photography, gaming or collecting your worn underwear (

    who are we to judge

    ). But a hobby is where the most perfect and appreciated gifts come from. Does he like gaming? Xbox, PS4, GTA5, done! Does he like photography? A new camera, booking a studio for a day, hooking him up with his own website, done!

    You see what we are doing here? Being lazy af but still winning at the gift giving game.

  • Grooming Based

    : Whether they like to admit it or not, men love having your finger up their butt hole and also getting pampered. And some of them just actually need the latter. Hence, don’t be shy to buy your man a skin care kit, some nice perfume to make him smell like a millionaire or a couple’s massage

    . He is going to be grateful that for once he is being taken care of and on a sidenote, you get to control what he smells like and moisturizes with. #Winning

  • Sexy-Time Based

    : To be honest, there is no better gift than the gift of sex

    . And I am not talking about the usual casual sex that you guys have already been having. No, ma'am, no. We are talking elevated sex with you in some very spicy lingerie, candles, a hotel room and his favourite alcohol

    . Gentlemen Jack, are you ready to rock?

  • Sentiment Based

    : If your man is a big teddy bear then maybe all he needs is a cute handwritten love-letter and some beer. You’d be surprised to know how some men appreciate the sentimental things in life. I know it seems hard, my fellow high-maintenance girls, but sometimes a nice card, a photograph of you two in an adorable frame or just planning a activity they love

    goes a long way with the sentimental types. God bless them!


Gift Ideas For Her

Yes, now coming to the women who drive this holiday. Please, don’t give them slack for being romantic and pressured by society into believing that their worth depends on this day. It happens to the best of us and all you can do is make them happy and feel loved when it does. Plus, having this specific gender experience in receiving gifts from men, I would classify myself an expert on this topic. However, I have still divided this section into advice based on budget and how high maintenance your girl is. Is she a Jennifer Anniston or a Kim Kardashian? In case there was any doubt, I am a Kim.

  • Pocket-Friendly Panty Wetters

    : There is NO girl in the world who does not get sappy at the sight of flowers. (Unless, she is a serious environmentalist). Flowers and chocolates are the girl’s ugly best friends who always make her feel good about herself

    . So you can never go wrong with these and she will quote you “as the man who treats me right”.

  • Doing It With Date Night

    : Sometimes showing someone that you are capable of more than just the norm is the secret to making them feel special. Why not let Barista, Pizza Hut or even that Italian restaurant around the corner rest for the day and take her for a fancy-ass meal she can brag about

    . “Yes, girl. My boyfriend took me to the Taj for tea.” (And then I let him make sweet mad love to me). No but really, you can even keep it low budget and decorate your home with candles, roses and cook a meal

    (that would be pretty extraordinary coming from you, wouldn’t it?). #BragWorthy

  • Lets-Make-Babies-Makeup

    : You are not saying that your girlfriend needs makeup. You are saying that you are happy to buy that new Urban Decay palette that costs 30 dollars for her. Yes, you are her knight in shining armour with makeup falling out of your pocket

    . And personally, I am always appreciative of anyone who wants to contribute to my makeup expenses.

  • Jazz Her With Jewellery

    : Okay, I recommend this only if you have good talking terms with her best friend, mother, sister or you know someone who actually understands her sensibilities in jewellery. Websites like cartlane or bluestone do make it easy and have curated Valentine’s Day special jewellery starting at 5K with endless limits

    . But still, take advice before you empty your pockets and do remember a diamond is for sure a girl’s best friend.

  • Great Boyfriend Getaways

    : Ah, the big leagues. This is for the monogamous boyfriends who are over-achievers and spenders. You can take her to an easy, breezy and awesome getaway to a small town near you or to even freakin’ Paris. The sky and your credit card are your limit.

    But trust me, nothing is more freeing and bonding than spending time with the one you love while exploring new places. You get to know a lot more about your girlfriend and hopefully you like what you see even more than you already did.


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