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Getting In The Backdoor: Women & Anal Sex


It’s not easy to find an open-minded woman who will open up her heart and butt-hole to you. But with every fantasy comes a lady who might be fierce enough to fulfil it. With patience, excessive begging through material incentives or even open communication, you can make anal sex a comfortable and viable sexual option for you and your partner. So, here’s everything you need to know when getting through the backdoor:

What To Expect

  • Anal sex is still very sexual daring for many women

    . Some of us are still getting familiar with front door frolocking so you have got to be patient in your pants about knocking on that backdoor. Bring cookies.  

  • Anal sex is not like regular sex

    . Aladdin is not like Prince Charming. Aladdin has character and is frankly not everybody’s type. So do open up the conversation with your sexy lady on how she feels about Aladdin and anal before probing her behind with a fat finger.

  • There is no in-between. She is going to love it or hate it. Anal sex is like going to the gym, either you associate it with pain or pleasure. There is no indifference on these subjects. If she already has had painful experiences with it, she is going to need more encouragement to go in the second time. 

The Pros

  • It can feel REALLY good

    : Many women who have tried anal sex love it because it feels freakin’ good. They key to these pleasurable sensations is to play with her clitoris while probing behind. This makes her more open to it (


    ) and this way you can even have clitoris orgasms from anal sex! #YAAAS   

  • Secretly sexy

    : Most women like men have the fantasy of being adventurous in bed and trying new things. But they just prefer to do it with someone they love or a billionaire from 50 Shades of Grey. It’s like losing your virginity all over again, it’s special and you are scared but you don’t want to be an anal prude forever. So if you give it time, it’s very likely to happen with open talks and you can finally do something new as a couple than only Netflix & chill 24/7.   

The Cons

  • Lots of prepping:

    Anal sex can be painful as fuck if you are not prepared. The rectum is not designed to stretch or give way to your sexual desires. Hence, you must make it with 1) Consent & Conversation

    (like prepping for a big game) 2) Lubrication & Foreplay

     (there is no other way around it) 3) Going Slow

    and not pounding one out. For more specialist tips on sexual positions,

    Ask Men


  • It can be shitty:

    No, seriously. You must clean out your bowels (an hour before) to avoid any accidents. Women in general do not like to be seen as a human with any bodily fluids, so not acting like a douche-bag if and when you see her covered in faeces is on you.

Good luck! And please don’t share your bum selfies in the comments below.

Just DM them to me on Instagram like regular folk who I block.  

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