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6 New Dating Apps To Try In 2017

Your girl is back with best dating apps to hack in 2017! Check em' out.


Find the people you’ve crossed paths with.”

Yes! Finally a new dating app that makes me believe in fairytales (


) and courting people (


). Goodbye pointless Tinder bangs and hello stranger who has crossed my path before. Okay, let me explain.

What happens on Happn (

see what I did there

) is that you match singles within a 250m radius who have crossed your path before. I am guessing this is done through Facebook check-in information. Where my bar hopping-selfie-taking-checking-in people at? On Happn apparently.

And once you like someone who was at the some bar or coffee shop as you this week, then you can go ahead and “heart them”. How cute. You can even “charm them” with a notification where they will definitely see you and hopefully not block you. And if the feeling is mutual then you are official crushes and can finally start a conversation.

Hurray! I am a big fan of traditional running into someone made virtual.


“Some things are just meant to bee.”

How bloody clever!

I just had a marketing hard on right now with that tagline. But it’s the online dating app that we really need to focus on. I think the main standout feature of Bumble is that women have all the control

. And by control I mean that after a mutual match only the woman can make the first move/message. Good because I can filter out matches I have changed my mind about and also stir the conversation into the direction I desire. Bad if you fear rejection or are just clueless about pickup lines. Pickup Line Example

: Are you an astronaut? Because I want to explore Uranus.

Ding, ding, ding! That's a winner.

Clearly, I don’t have those “shy people” problems. On Bumble if you don’t woman up and start a conversation then the match disappears in 24 hours. So if you are a modern woman, take the bull by the horns, swipe right for a sexy man and try this app out where the men wait on you.



“The ultimate matchmaker.”

If you are one of the many people fucking fed up of being judged for what you look like then my fat ass relates to you. Hence, we must cherish



This is a dating app that’s revolutionary because finally I don’t have to get my tits out to attract men. On


mutual attraction unlocks on the “score” you get after answering five questions. You can see a person’s photos only if you and him have at least two answers in common. And if you have more than three answers in common then the texting is on like donkey-kong! (


) Example question from Score

: Do angels make sexy Halloween costumes, or make less

fun costumes than demons?

Thank you for being not boring and also not vain.


“Meet people through music.”

They are calling it the Tinder for music lovers and I am actually okay with that. Except that I love everything from Nirvana to Disney so I am not sure that I’d be too picky on here. Actually on second thought, Skrillex fans stay away from me and my music.

And if you live, breathe and love your music taste then this could be the new dating app for you! It will match you with people based on their favourite songs, concerts, love for dance and more. I guess that would make sense when you rather headbang and your girl rather twerk if you met on Tinder based only on looks.

So try to match your vibe on


before you find someone to have a passionate and tuned romance with.

Good luck!

Coffee Meets Bagel

"Quality dating made easy."

At first I thought this was a breakfast item and I wanted it to be coffee meets five donuts and morning sex but this indeed is a very popular

dating app

that you need to try.  

If you are a man on this app (lucky you), because you get 21 potential bagels to choose from and if you are a woman you get 5 curated coffees that you may like. These coffees have already said yes to your delicious bagel, so if your bagel is picky and patient then this dating app is perfect for the ladies who believe in quality over quantity. Note

: Men, you will have 24 hours to either “like” or “pass” on your bagels. If you both hit like, you can start chatting with each other and the rest will be tasty history.


“Find that geeky significant other in your life.”

I really can’t be bothered to go to Comic Con because of all the sweaty merch obsessed people who would out cosplay me every single time. But I can be bothered to

download a free dating app

that allows me to meet my fellow nerds without the actual social awkwardness.

So, if you are ready to find your sexy geek God then all you have to do is select up to three fandoms (e.g. Star Wars, Game Of Thrones & Harry Potter) and the app matches you to your dream khaleesi or the boy who lived just for you.

Common now, let’s all join the dark side where people prefer cosplay to condoms and one night stands!

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