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Before my dream summer vacation with my dream man, my favourite tactic to self induce a sleeping coma was by self inducing orgasms. You know how it is (it's exhausting). Well, long behold 1 GBP scented candles from Primark that I found during a very budget shopping trip. Yes, candles that cost 100 rupees, look amazing in Instagram posts (#shameless plugin) and help you fall asleep (by calming your uptight behind). Alright, the point I am trying to make post my TMI is that candles help me and hence maybe can help you turn off the world of excessive everything and provide soft illumination that will aid you to tune into yourself. Yes, bitches, lets get zen. image3 (7) I am guessing there’s a reason candles are integral to religious and spiritual ceremonies around the world. Because they are frickin' awesome. That is because candlelight helps achieve a meditative state and can be a simple tool to reduce stress. If you are not a complete cheap skate like myself then opt for soy or beeswax candles which are free of toxins and biodegradable. Also, lavender, ylang-ylang and bergamot are proven stress busting boss ass scents that are light, bright and just right. Insert appropriate hashtag: #rhymgamestrong. image2 (8)Once you choose your candles like how I choose mine (via price over sensibilities or just plain dumb luck) you can add them to your every day routine to zen your life. If you are stressed in the morning use their scent while getting ready with some music and over-priced but worth it MAC makeup to boost your calm to take over the world. At work use them during stressful work hours to increase productivity and your level of perceived weirdness. And finally during bed or bath time (how I prefer to use them) let the scent, light and maybe a no gadget rule let you unwind. Additional Safety Tip/More Unasked For Advice: Keep them 12 inches away from your hair spray or anything flammable. You're welcome.

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