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Signs That You Are Actually A Catch

It’s #SelfLoveSunday on the blog and as your turned up confidant it’s my duty to instill false confidence in you. So, since it's been a while you rode the dragon or ate the pussy cat, here are several reasons you need to get back into the game of thrones dating where you win or you die get fried. 1. You don't have insane expectations: Gone are the days you dreamed of a knight in shinning armour or a size 2 girl with Double D's. You are realistic now. You like to get to know people, explore their insides and understand relationships are a two ways street where both people must be equally matched, motherfucker. Expectations 2. You don't play games: Here I am referring to mind games that basic bitches play and also Candy Crush (which makes you instantly undatable in my books). You are the kind of bird or lad that lays their cards out on the table of whether its working for you or not and I appreciate a kind soul such as that. Good on you for walking away and not stringing people along and good on you for taking rejection like a good shot of cum on your face. games   3. You don't have baggage: The only 'B' words I like in dating are bondage and blowjobs. There is no room for a third. If you have got unfinished drama or baggage then maybe it's not the best moral decision to drag a third person into it (hey, we have all been there). But don't go there...again. Learn to move on before you are ready to move in with someone else! baggage   4. You actually like yourself: I am very self aware of the internal struggle of loving yourself 24/7 like you are on happy steroids. But this is a big part of being a good partner. If you are comfortable with being a lone wolf and are not expecting "bae" to make you happy or complete you then go on and fly face up into a relationship. You are ready, little dove. loveself    

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