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Time to meet another gorgeous and fabulous woman in the wild (the dating wilderness that is). Here’s Roshni or shall we say Miss Addicted To Lace on her dating adventures! Do you have a type?
Anyone who says he/she doesn't have a type is obviously lying. It pains me how the word 'sapiosexual' has been overused by the entire human population, but I can't deny being attracted to someone who is intelligent. Obviously, sense of humour and wit is important too. Also, I really can't stand to be around narrow-minded bigots or pessimists (unfortunately, I have met a few and my instant reaction has always been to look for the nearest exit).
Type of guys you'd want other women to avoid?
I'm not exactly a fan of those "why don't you come over" messages, that too when you hardly know the guy! Then again, to each her own. Also, it goes without saying that you shouldn't settle for someone who's all up in your face 24/7. Everyone needs their space and someone who can't respect that doesn't deserve to be with you. Clingy boys are such a big turn-off!
What's the best place you have been hit on?
At a destination wedding! We were at the engagement after-party and everyone was having a mad time on the dance floor. I wasn't really feeling it, so I was mostly spending quality time with my glass of wine. There was this one moment when I did make it to the dance floor and, just when I was about to leave, someone grabbed me by the waist and started making me dance! It was this super cute American boy, who was completely out of rhythm, but I didn't mind!
What's your advice for millennials looking for love in this super social world?
Don't listen to the people who tell you to wait, because apparently love will magically come find you. Sorry, that's not going to happen! You have to get out there, meet people, maybe even get on an online dating app if your work hours make socialising difficult. And most importantly, at the risk of sounding banal, be yourself. There's only one you in the entire world and that makes you an extremely rare species, so quit hiding that from people!
Insert picture/pictures of your first date night outfit here: Roshni
The first date outfit should be something you'll be comfortable in because you need to be confident and flaunt your best self, and that won't be possible if you're not able to carry off what you're wearing. I usually just opt for skinny jeans (that fit like a dream) and a cute top. There's one thing you should remember when picking your first date outfit though - never reveal too much. If you're showing off your décolletage, avoid wearing bottoms that are too short; instead opt for a midi skirt or cigarette pants. Want to wear a short skater dress? Then stay away from the low-neck options, or just throw on a jacket. I don't have any single particular first date night outfit, but I'm sharing one of my favourites. You can never go wrong with a white tee and blue jeans, plus you can accessorise it differently each time!

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