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Self Love Sunday: Love Without The Chub

Like we didn’t have enough womanly problems to worry about and now behold the “love chub”. Yes, apparently love makes you fat. But what did we expect with all that

Netflix and chill

that involves eating pizza before we eat each other out? Infact the more serious you are about your bae the more you are likely to continue to weigh.

According to scientific juju, if you are dating someone seriously you are bound to put on approx. 15 pounds over the next five years and if and when you do decide to marry them then that dreadful number jumps up to 24 pounds. But why be vary of the happy fat? The love chub? The honey-moon phase? I guess because no one feels good about themselves when they are getting unhealthy over a period of time and because no one wants to fuck have sex with a walrus.

So how do we beat the hobby of dining out, boozy brunches and desserts when dating and trying to avoid that average restaurant meal that packs over 1,128 calories? We bloody stay in (

just kidding

). Well, we kinda find alternatives:

  1. When you order a main course split the meal, share the love and the germs and learn to survive on 1 or 2 cocktails to avoid over-eating. Fish is the best for you meat eaters when going the healthy route with said boyfriend. Ask for a side of salad incase you are a munching monster like me, #noshame. 

  2. Better yet, invite your significant other over for dinner. Make cooking healthy yet delicious meals together a date night idea! I once made my boyfriend whole wheat veggie pasta with the sauce from scratch in 5+ hours. He was


    appreciative after starving him out for so long and on average I saved him 250 calories per meal and a few extra cha-ching compared to a fancy restaurant.

  3. Also, did you ever stop to notice that being in a relationship means having a built-in workout buddy! Go for walks on the beach, squat competitions at the gym and walk to the nearby barista for some green tea and couple time. Because couples who workout together, slay sexy time together.


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