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What Blood Type Should You Date?

In a creepy yet apparently effective way, Japanese magazines have been preaching finding the love of your life via blood group matching. A

nd I thought I was a weirdo with my star signs

. No kidding, in Tokyo apparently on speed dating sessions it is totally normal to often pair up couples by blood group. So now if you are wondering which blood type you should be cozying up to then continue reading and being strange with me.

  O Type

: If you are looking for a boss-ass bitch partner, then the O-h so fabulous O type is the one for you. They are decisive, confident and ready to pin you down in bed. Is anyone else swooning? But if you like being the dominant and more successful partner then you rather find someone else who you can keep up with! A Type

: If you are the loyalty lover and want someone to be your happily ever after (


) then the A


type is the one for your sappy ass. These loyalists know how to find and keep a relationship and they’ll make sure you feel like the disney princess you are. AB Type

: Behold, the most awesome type of blood there is (

my blood type, of course

). Okay, truth be told, we are kind of a pain in the back side. AB types are a bit high-maintenance but well balanced enough to get you on track too. So if you like playing rough and multi-tasking, come join the crew. B Type

: Classically know in Bollywood movies as the “positive” type. B blood groups are allegedly positively selfish. They have ambition and know what they want and what they usually want is what benefits them. But essentially, what’s really wrong with that? And aren't we all the same?


Yup, that’s enough conventional wisdom for your from the Japanese. Next time, sex toys. Oh, but don’t forget to tell me your blood type in the comments below so I can judge love 


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