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Welcome to this new awesome section on the blog where you meet gorgeous ladies out and about in the wild (the dating wilderness that is). Here's Tanvi or shall we say Miss Poise & Panache on her dating adventures! Do you have a type? 
Yes! Every girl has a type. I tend to like my guys sweet but what I really find attractive is humour! I love when a guy can make me laugh out loud.
Favourite social network to meet boys? 
Well, I don't have any! But if I had choose then it would be Facebook or maybe the dating app Tinder. Tbh, I have never met guys through social media as I find it really uncomfortable opening up to strangers, #SagittariusIssues.
What accessory should a girl always carry on a first date?
Confidence is the best accessory a girl can wear. What flatters a guy most about a girl is the fact that she is not pretending to be anything else but herself. Being confident and being yourself is the holy grail. So, I'd suggest your carry confidence around, whether on a date or not!
Describe your dating style in three words:
Comforting, Pleasant and Attractive
Insert photo of your favourite date night/day outfit here:
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Always choose the right dress for a date. It should fulfil 2 important criterias:  a) Comfort & b) Hugging your body correctly. Keep these two things in mind and I am sure you will have a joyous and cheerful day!

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