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Love Yourself Sunday: Lingerie Haul

I never understood the point of investing in sexy lingerie (mostly because I hate bras). But then I had this one friend who has been single by choice for eternity and she is always dragging me around lingerie shops in London waiting for us to turn into Victoria Secret's angels. So, that obviously didn't happen. But she is the inspiration for my new found love of strapping my boobs in place with sexy, sexy lace.
Girls, I am staying sexy for me and here are the reasons why.
  image3   1) Because I love myself: I think it is important to find as many ways as possible to show yourself love and sexy lingerie is just another method of self-love and saying "damn, she's a sexy bitch". Yes, before proceeding to Netflix and chill with self again. 2) I am empowering my body: A positive body image never hurt no one and that's what I have when I rip my clothes off after a hard work day and see some hot pink sexy sass all over me. I want my assets to be appreciated, I want to be hugged in all the right places and I want my personality to be reflected. Fortunately,  I don't need a man for that. I have my lingerie as a source of body empowerment and it's saying "when you ready come and get it". 3) Being a sexual being: There is something called as sexual self-understanding related to a Ted Talk on lady empowerment. The point is derived from a Beyonce album that features tracks such as, "keep me coming, keep me going, keep me humming, keep me moaning". Beyonce and many divas out there (ahem, ahem) are trying to break free of sexual repression by self-exploration via different means. And, that my friends is the idea behind this blog and all my shopping hauls. The point is, you celebrate the love you have with your sexual self by rewarding and enhancing your sexuality. Lingerie shopping is a time for exploring and appreciating the sexual being you are and finding out what that means for you. So, go get your sexy on. image2 (1) image4    

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