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The Secret To Finding Love In The New Year

So, as I was browsing the interwebs for some potent advice on landing Mr. Right in 2016, I gradually came to the conclusion that these blogs/websites really need to stop using images of older couples holding hands to motivate me. I’d be more happy with some Kimye and Brangelina references or with that of a fat couple that goes to the gym together. (Seriously, who else wants a significant other just to motivate them to workout?) Yup.    So anyways, we have all dreamt that little dream of being the sassy half of a dysfunctional power couple after watching Empire (on binge) and hence here I am (more than unqualified) ready to give some potent love advice from this book I bought when I was thirteen to cast spells on boys. Just kidding. Here's what you have go to do in 2016 to find love:      

Eureka moment: The secret to finding love in the New Year is to not give a shit about finding love in the New Year. Now, now, before you press that exit button, hear a wine-loving-drunk-


out. Forget what

The Secret

taught you. In my opinion if you chase a butterfly or a man, it is less likely to land on your shoulder or give you the head and the respect that you deserve.

So, w

hat you need to be focusing on in 2016 is getting respect (by giving yourself some) and giving love to your body, mind and soul. 2016 resolutions should be about getting healthier and fitter, getting a beauty makeover that doesn’t break the bank and doing some self analysis on what does your heart truly want from a romantic relationship and apart from it. If Selena Gomez once wanted Justin Bieber, then you better


that the heart wants what the heart wants. Therefore, once you understand your needs better and when you know and you live your real truth in 2016 then someone who looks like Ryan Gosling is bound to find that courage attractive and give you a million dollar ring. Just saying.    

Oh yeah and some other friendly advice on finding love in the new year includes: 1) Eliminate fuck boys and booty calls. 2) Take dating offline by meeting people through friends, at a bar (a decent bar). 3) By just saying "hey stranger" to lovely boys at the book store. 4) Also, get a damn hobby or you going to end up as a dating blogger like my self!  Have fun finding love in 2016 and don’t forget to share, comment & say hello on my Instagram here.  

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